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Friday 7 April 2023

Trump will be not appeared in court in hand cuffs.

 Donald Trump's hearing has been set the Tuesday Afternoon.

The former president is expect to fly from Florida on his private plane and hands himself in with federal agents to protect him.

The charges are not yet the public, a lawyer for MR Trump say on Friday that he's to has yet to read the charge.

A law Application official tell CBS that MR Trump fly his private plane to New York on before give in officials on Tuesday.

The processed is liked to involved hundreds of secret behind this service agents, the official add, Speaking on condition of silence.

MR Trump will not be secure, the official added, say that chain are typically only used on guess
who are thought to be a fight.

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The hearing time is start at 14:15 local time.

MR Trump's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told ABC news that MR Trump will be appeared in court on Tuesday.

Friday morning, the streets around the house of court were come but the barrier were goes up in expectations of what come next week .

Police officers and other security departments plans were to security put the place. Most of expectation the area was sealed the former president attend.

District departments officer had initially said MR TRUMP surrender on Friday, According to police department, But the request was rejected because this is not possible due to security issue.

MR Trump, 76 persons, contest crime. MR Trump is the first US former president to faced the criminal case

It's not sure how to many charges are contained on them, which news is not reveal to the public.
  •  we know that when the MR Trump, what will the happened Trump is arrested.
Foreign media reporter have said MR Trump faces the a lot off business frauds to count his numbers al most 30.and MR Tacopina said on Tuesday to shared his news almost 34 cases, But on Friday night he's not sure how many cases are there.

"We knows that the subject is matter is, we know the basis is charges. We don't know how the exact cases are counted or how the draw up" he's said.

On Friday, MR Trump assigned the judge to his case in an effort to undermine the character of their case investigation to defend your self.

MR Tacopina, this is the lawyer of MR Trump to handle his case and he's fully focused to save MR Trump.

However, When MR Trump repay MR Cohen, the record of this payment, this is totally legal fees.

President Joe Biden reduce to comment on the charge, Even with being this issue the journalists he's left the white house on the trip to Mississippi. 

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